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Starfleet Command 1, 2 EAW and 2 - OP Info


1999 to Present Day releases for the entire series of games.

Produced By:

Interplay (SFC 1 to SFC 2 - OP)

Developed By:

Interplay, 30 Degrees East, Quicksilver Productions, Taldren, KhoroMag

Still Being Played?

Yes, Online in GameSpy

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Watch the SFC intro movie

Watch the SFC 2 EAW Intro movie

Screenshots -

Interplay turns the tide...

After the disaster of the cancellation of Secret Of Vulcan Fury, and the held back release date of Starfleet Academy, Interplay, 6 years after the release of 25th Anniversary, had fired up the trek fans one more time...Star Trek: Starfleet Command was released.

The sheer depth of the game was apparent from the word go, this time delegating the actual development to 2 outside companies at least gave SFC 1 a good chance to hit it's release date, and it did.

Starfleet command took place in deep space, where the player took control of ships and races widely known from the original series. The graphics for a game of its era was quite simply astounding and the gameplay was deep and story driven. The one thing that this game really catered for was online multiplay...and it's STILL being played online to this day.

Starfleet CommandInterplay was now up against Activision, Simon & Schuster and Microprose but the grandfather of all the trek game licenses which Interplay held (The Original Series and the TMP era TOS films) was one of the most lucrative ones of the pack.

Starfleet Command 1 put Trek back on track after the disaster of Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Command gives players the chance to play as one of six races or governments inspired by the series - the Federation, Romulans, Klingons, Lyrans, Gorn, and Hydrans - and take command of an entire fleet of ships spanning three different time periods. Using "prestige points," you can buy and outfit new ships, and the 3D ship models are highly impressive. Starfleet Command isn't perfect - more than one critic had a problem with the 2D "playing field" on which battles took place. Target identification could be cumbersome, and some of the AI was suspect - but it was the biggest Star Trek success for Interplay in two years. Fans gave it glowing praise, something they hadn't bestowed on Interplay in a long, long time.

To this day Starfleet Command is one of the longest running serials of trek games, with Starfleet Command 1, Starfleet Command 2 - Empire At War, Starfleet Command 2 - Orion Pirates and the new Starfleet Command III on the horizon.

Interplay may no longer have the TOS trek license, it was handed over to Activision in 2001, but Interplay has given the longest running serial and a lot of game play hours just by this one single series of games.

Starfleet Command II and Starfleet Command 2 - Orion Pirates kept the same basic gameplay structure as SFC 1, with an enhanced engine and the massive Dynaverse 2. The second instalment of the Starfleet Command series did have its problems though, one of them being the various bugs that were apparent, especially in the Dynaverse II environment, by the time Interplay released the third instalment, Starfleet Command II - Orion Pirates, they had made the Star Trek license that they had (its now in Activison's hands) one of the most lucrative they had from the early days of there company.


Starfleet Command Series may be loved or hated, usually more hated especially by the FPS Trek gamers, but SFC put Trek games, and the entire Trek Game genre on the map, and no other series of games has come close to it, or probably ever will come close to it...


Starfleet Command 1

Starfleet Command 2 & OP Cheats...

Cheat Method
Use Microsoft Excel to open the file "C:\namedir\assets\spec\shiplist.txt". Modify the settings as you like and save the file. Be sure to make a backup before overwriting.

Starting Prestige
Open the file METAASSETS\SERVERPROFILES\SINGLEPLAYER\CHARACTER with a text editor. Look for the line:


... and you can increase the number strongly, approximately to 5000000. Now you can buy all ships and supplies.




For more details....

Starfleet Command 1...

Starfleet Command 2...

Starfleet Command 2 - Orion Pirates...

Write up by V1ctor1st & Nicola Venra




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