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New Browser Game - Star Trek: Alien Domain
Posted by - Victor1st  on 19.05.15
 | Submit News |  0 Comments |

Big thanks to David for passing this on, havent even heard of it...

Looks like its going to be an interesting browser based single/pvp game...

Our Condolences on the Passing of Leonard Nimoy.
Posted by - Age  on 28.02.15
 | Submit News |  0 Comments |

Our Condolences on the Passing of Leonard Nimoy and deepest sympathies to his family.

1931 to 2015.You will be missed.

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Happy New Year 2015
Posted by - Age  on 01.01.15
 | Submit News |  0 Comments |

Happy New Year 2015 to all of you from US at Star Trek Gamers.

YouTube Link

Happy New Year
Posted by - Logic  on 31.12.14
 | Submit News |  0 Comments |

Hope you all have a great 2015

Merry Christmas from Star Trek Gamers.
Posted by - Age  on 22.12.14
 | Submit News |  2 Comments |

Merry Christmas from all of the Staff at Star Trek Gamers and we hope you have wonderfull Christmas where ever you are.Victor1st,Katherine,flyingvirtual,Serok,Mindwipe,Dave and Age.

We wish you the best and have a great new years.

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Here is to all of you on Rememberance Day and Memorial Day in the USA.
Posted by - Age  on 11.11.14
 | Submit News |  0 Comments |

Here is to those we last forget on Rememberance Day and Memorial Day USA.

YouTube Link

EFP Argus Array Hardtalk Special
Posted by - Victor1st  on 03.09.14
 | Submit News |  2 Comments |

MindWipe returns with a one off special Argus Array on Star Trek: Online...

We here just wanted to wish Lizabeth Shatner a Happy Birthday.
Posted by - Age  on 09.06.14
 | Submit News |  0 Comments |

We here at Star Trek Gamers want to wish Lizabeth Shatner a very Happy Birthday.

New Star Trek RPG Strategy Game
Posted by - Age  on 09.04.14
 | Submit News |  0 Comments |

New Star Trek RPG Strategy Game Annouced by Game Thrones.

There's a new Star Trek game coming and it's being made by the team behind last year's Game of Thrones Ascent. Boston area developer Disruptor Beam today announced Star Trek Timelines, a new strategy RPG made possible thanks to an agreement with Star Trek rights owner (and GameSpot parent company) CBS.

More can be found here This Here

Star Trek 13 Whats Next?
Posted by - Age  on 06.01.14
 | Submit News |  1 Comment |

What is in store for Star Trek 13 after Heart of Darkness.

With "Star Trek Into Darkness" at the top of the box office right now, die-hard Trekkies have only one thing on their minds: What's next?!

J.J. Abrams's revamped take on the space-exploring franchise has introduced Kirk, Spock, and Bones to a whole new generation of viewers -- but with the director's plan to take on a new episode of "Star Wars," where does it leave the brainchild of Gene Roddenberry?

Obviously, we haven't seen the last of "Star Trek," but what form will its next adventure take? Which characters will make their presence felt? And when will we get to see it?

As we boldly step into uncharted new territory, Moviefone asked a panel of leading "Star Trek" experts for their insights into the future of the series. With a little bit of detective work, their theories shed the first light on what will happen next on-screen and off.

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