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Star Trek Gamers - Clan Site Hosting Plans

At STG we believe in giving all modders and clans a fair start to life, which is why our basic plan is free!  The high end plan are also fairly priced to suit everyone's needs.

Please note that these offers are only available to people who are running a site to do with Star Trek Gaming in general.

Special note for modders: Webspace calculations are ONLY for your html pages and images, your modding files are NOT included, also, bandwidth is only calculated from your site pages, NOT your modding files...

Clan Hosting Plans

The Basic Plan - FREE

  • 10mb of webspace

  • Your own forum section in the main STG forum

  • 500mb of bandwidth per month

  • FTP access

  • PHP Support

The Big Plan - $5 Per Month

  • 100mb of webspace

  • Preinstalled PHPBB3 Forum at your address

  • 2GB of bandwidth per month

  • FTP access

  • Perl/CGI/PHP Support

  • Max of 2 databases

With both plans you will get a style address of you can alternativley get your own .com address and redirect it.

For more details email


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