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Star Trek Games Coverage - Amarillo Design Bureau

Amarillo Design Bureau has been around longer than most people realise.  Started in 1981 they have been put on the map for the now classic board game Star Fleet Battles which spawned the idea for Interplays classic hit Star Trek: Starfleet Command in the late 90's. Now trading for more than 2 decades Stephen V. Cole and his team have been making newer and more advanced board games under the name of Star Fleet Universe but still carrying the Amarillo Design name.

Even though STG is mainly a PC/Console orientated site it was decided after Steven contacted us that Amarillo should get their own full section under the Star Trek games heading of the menu, afterall, they have been making games for longer than the PC franchise for Star Trek Games has been running...and they have done a better job keeping their fanbase happy...Bethesda Softworks should learn a lesson from these folks.

Star Fleet Universe - The Games

Name: Federation Commander

Federation Commander is a new exciting full colour game of starship combat.

It includes mounted map panels using full colour NASA photos, full colour laminated ship cards, full colour laminated charts, easy entry rules and full colour playing peices.

Federation Commander includes several products which do require one of the 2 different starter sets.  The game itself is based on energy counting how much you have at the start of each turn counting the engines and spending the rest on weapons etc.

For more information visit...

Name: Federation & Empire

Set during the 23rd century (TOS) era of Star Trek, Federation & Empire is an all encompassing game of pure strategy, empire building and combat.

Federation & Empire is a game of Total War. Every aspect of your empire is under your control, and is your responsibility. What ships do you build? What enemy ship types do you make a priority target? Is it better to take the fight to the enemy, or let him crash his fleets into your massive fixed defenses? Is it really worth one hundred destroyed starships to devastate the enemy capital? (Well, usually, it is.) Send ships on raids, loan fleets to your allies, and strategically shift your combat power.

For more information visit...

Name: Prime Directive

Prime Directive is a full out role playing game fans dream come true.  Now i KNOW what you lot are thinking "ohhhh a role playing game...its gonna die...they will get sued..." blah...blah....

Some things you need to know about Prime Directive...taken from the Amarillo site itself.

  • We are here to stay. Our license never expires and we will not be shut down in two years like other RPGs of this genre. Yes, we have a contract with Paramount and all of this is 100% legal
  • Rather than inventing a new system and trying to recruit players for it, we offer our books in a variety of existing and very popular systems.
  • Because the Prime Directive Universe is presented in widely used systems, no end of already-published books can be used as source material for any planet you want to visit.
  • We currently offer Prime Directive in two game engines, and are negotiating for some others. We won't do every game engine but we will do the ones that make good business sense.

    Happy now?  Visit for more info!
    Name: Star Fleet Battle Force

    Star Fleet Battle Force is your classic fast paced action card game.

    Battle Force has a lot of info and extras that come with it so the best thing you can do is go directly to the Battle Force site.

    For more info visit...

    Name: Star Fleet Battles

    Any Star Trek fan worth their salt would have at least heard of this game.

    Any Star Trek fan who loves board/card games would have played this game at one point in their life or seen someone playing it.

    Star Fleet Battles is the most recognised board game for Star Trek on the planet and is the game which gave Interplay the idea to make Star Trek: Starfleet Command back in the 90's (heck the original interplay manual even credits Amarillo Design).

    Even though Star Fleet Battles is a VAST game with LOADS of expansion sets and a massive rule set book the game itself is easy to get into.

    With tournaments, official discussion groups and online support and play it's the corner stone of Amarillo Design and was the corner stone for Interplays most successful series of Star Trek games before they held the franchise over to Activision in 2000.

    For more info visit...


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