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STGD re-launches & competition news

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Re: STGD re-launches & competition news
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 4:33 pm Rate Post

Stylsy, dont even think of coming to me and preaching about the mistakes the STGD and the original STCD has made.  You seem to forget that we was the first full site dedicated to trek gaming, almost all sites that came out since the inception of the STCD back in the glory days of 1999/2000 followed US and even if those other sites have a lot to complain about with the way i run this site and the mistakes this site has made they have still followed in the wake of what was the biggest trek game site of the era.

It's only now that the network is down that you folks from STGU seem to think that there is a halo round your head and you cant do anything wrong cause Lang is in your forum, just remember something, if it wasnt for STGD and Watertiger Lang wouldnt be around AT ALL.  It was Tiger and myself that dragged lang from obscurity, a lot of people didnt even know who harry lang was until that interview.

Once the interview was complete thats when the first anti STGD feelings was felt in STGU, your own members questioning every single news post i made, STGU's own staff questioning whatever Katie posted, STGU members in other forums claiming that STGD had nothing to do with the interview and it was all ChessMess idea.  Remeber Stylsy, it was STGD who propped up the then young TUN network when no one else (not even your best buddies in TrekPulse) cared who you were.  Then of course there was the whole Katie issue from last year where she got threatened, and we all know where STGU stood with that, yeah, ban katie, me and the rest of the STGD staff and keep the same low life scum posting in your boards.

STGU's little trip into the limelight is only there cause the STGD network was shut down, by me.  Guess what Stylsy...its back.  3/4ths of your network sites are rarely updated, the other 1/4th of your network is forgotten about, take your forum away and STGU is dead. is lucky to get more than 200 hits a day, STGD has only been here on GSI for 2 weeks and we are already topping 5000 hits on the front page.  Your portal failed, along with many other ideas that STGU came up with from 2002 to 2004.  The fact that we only started making big mistakes in 2004 after a 4 year run at the top says a lot for the staff of this site, we aint completely clueless...STGU is.  Many people have said that chessmess has a sence of arrogance around him which is why none of the large fleets wouldnt even throw a bucket of water on your hallowed forum if it was on fire, as for the favourtism that you show to the fleets who are already there whenever a new fleet does turn up, thats just made any prospective fleets turn the other way whenever one of the STGU faithfull spam the GSA lobbies with your address, some of those same spammers have been warned in GSA from the Wizards.

Which then leads me onto the next subject, why is it that a certain group of GSA wizards no longer like, or trust STGU?  Have ya noticed that GSA no longer holds the banner links in the game rooms on the top right of the program that used to point to the STGU network sites?  What about the whole fleet issue of ST:O?  I dont see you folks carry the banner for the fleet world of this genre.  What about the modders who will have NOTHING to do in the new online game?  I dont see you worry about the modding world anymore, infact most of your download systems dont even work.  Infact to be honest, if it wasnt for the direct approach of the STGD i bet no one would know even half of the stuff thats going on in the development of this new game.  I know why that is Stylsy, STGU has gotten soft, its lacking a spine.

Enjoy STGU's status cause it wont last long, STGD is back to claim our no.1 spot again.

This thread is locked and if anymore STGU staff come in here bitching at any news posts i make i'll return the favour and lodge a complaint with GameSpy's hosting service and let them deal with the rabble in STGU.
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